Dear internet,

Welcome to my slice of WordPress, a blog about the family life of a polyamorus triad. That means that I (Emma) am dating two men at the same time (Aidan and Ashley). The guys are not involved with each other, though they are best friends and treat each other like brothers.

Now depending on how much you know about the concept of polyamory, that will either sound all well and good, or completely freaky. No matter which end of the spectrum you’re on, I hope you will find this blog an interesting read, and maybe learn a few things! I plan to write articles about my/our views on anything relationship or polyamory related, how our lives work together, and the various shenanigans we get up to.

This happens to be my first ever blog, so I’ve spent the better part of this week avoiding study researching blogs thoroughly. Reading what I’ve written so far, I guess my writing style feels a little stiff, but I expect I’ll ease into a more natural style as I start to post more and get some feedback (which I’d really, really love!).

So I’ll leave it as a short introduction for now. I still have to figure out what all the little buttons do on my WordPress dashboard.



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