Obligatory introduction post

Ash, Emma and Aidan

It’s been less than a day since this blog went live and we’ve already got some followers! That can mean one of two things: either there are a lot more bored people hanging around WordPress than I originally thought, or my vague first post was a lot more interesting than I originally thought. Either way, huzzah!

I thought it was about time to introduce the stars of the show, so you’ll know who you’re reading about. Our triad consists of one female (me, Emma), and two males (Ashley and Aidan). I am dating Ash and Aidan simultaneously, while the boys have a sort of sibling relationship with each other. Between the three of us we have a lot of different interests, but the main thing we all love is games (video games, board games, card games… you get the idea). I suppose you could call us geeks, which is okay with us!

Despite being the female of the group, I’m sure the boys would agree with me when I say I am the one who wears the pants. Of course, that doesn’t mean I get my way all the time. Just most of the time. I’m a 21 year old university student majoring in painting, and as such I love everything creative.

Aidan is a lot like me in the way we think, our views of the world, and our personalities. We are also both extremely stubborn. That means we are always either passionately agreeing with one another or passionately arguing with one another. Aidan is a baker and loves to cook, meaning Ash and I have our own personal chef (and boy is he a good one!). Unfortunately working in a bakery means he has weird shifts like 7pm through to 3am, but we usually still find a good chunk of time each week where we’re all free to hang out.

Ashley is the quiet one of the group. He avoids confrontation and often plays the mediator between Aidan and myself. He’s a bookworm and works as a librarian. However there’s another side of him that people only tend to see when they become closer to him, and that’s how excitable he gets when it comes to his hobbies. In that respect, he’s really a kid at heart!

A lot of people ask us what our relationship is like, and really the answer is we are your typical disfunctional family. We do things that normal couples do, only as a three. We go to the movies, bicker over who’s turn it is to take out the garbage, come together in the evenings to share a meal, and of course look after and support one another.

I plan on writing more about how our relationship works in another post, as well as how we all met and became a family. I’m hoping to write a post a day, though I’m rarely that consistent with anything. It will also depend on my study load; generally, the more uni work I have, the more time I spend procrastinating.

Bye for now!



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