My name’s Emma and I have two male partners, Aidan and Ashley. Loving more than one is known as polyamory. For some people that will sound all well and good, and for others it will be a completely bizarre concept. Either way I welcome you to my blog! In my posts I will write about my/our views on anything relationship or polyamory related, how our lives work together, and the various shenanigans we get up to. You can find out a little bit more about us and our relationship here and here.

4I decided to start a blog because when I entered into the world of polyamory, I found it hard to find resources and there wasn’t much of a poly community. I wanted to write about our experiences in hopes that others in the same boat, or those simply curious about polyamory, will learn a few things (and hopefully get some entertainment out of it too).

Please use the contact page to send us your thoughts, comments and questions. We love to get your feedback!


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  2. Hi Emma, My wife and I have just moved to Tassie to live and we are very interested in finding out more about the poly life. It was great to find your blog and the resources you have provided. Best of luck to you three.

    Cheers Eric and Sue


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