Dinner date

Well, when I say dinner date I don’t exactly mean a romantic candle-lit meal between the three of us at a fancy restaurant. Aidan couldn’t be bothered cooking, so we went to Dave’s Noodles. As we ate, Ash and Aidan became involved in a deep conversation (as deep a conversation you can have about video games, anyway). I quietly listened on, thinking how great it was that the two of them got along so well. Now, if only the people who doubted our relationship could see this. They would realise how wonderful our dynamics are! So I got out my phone camera and started recording, but as soon as the boys noticed they started being idiots. All I have to show for the night is this:

In case you didn’t catch Aidan’s quote at the end, he said while pretending to continue the conversation, “so, I met this girl Emma. Total bitch”. To which Ash agreed. I don’t know, maybe this video gives you a more realistic insight into our dynamics than what I originally wanted the video to be. The boys constantly tease and gang up on me, all in good fun of course, but they take any chance they get because they know they can’t get away with it when there’s only one of them. So the little joke you see above was one in a long strip throughout the night, and indeed throughout our relationship. I think I’m getting used to it. Is that a good thing?

Thanks for watching!