Pro-polyamory artwork – uni assessment

As some of my blog readers will know, I am university student studying fine arts, majoring in painting. At the end of the last semester, we were required to submit an artwork that explored a social/worldly issue that was important to us. Honestly, there are a lot of things in the world that I am more concerned about than poly-rights. But at the time we were assigned this project, I had just ‘come out of the closet’ to my parents, so the subject was kind of on my mind. My parents reacted much worse than I had been hoping, so I had a lot of built up angst and did what any art student would do. I made paintings about it.


The artwork is titled “The Slippery Slope”, alluding to the argument that conservatives use against gays and polys – that further straying from traditional marriage is a slippery slope towards bestiality, pedophilia and the like.

Here is an excerpt from the the artist’s statement that I submitted along with the paintings:

I’ve combined paintings with found objects to create a collage-like installation that you could expect to find in a family home. I’ve used conventions clichés of traditional relationships and applied them to the not-so-traditional polyamorus model. On closer inspection, there are some elements that seem out of place, where the cliché has been replaced with something unexpected and perhaps even offensive.





So while presenting a satirical artwork to a class of 25 barely counts as activism, I did make this artwork with the intent of getting the idea of polyamory into the mainstream. After all, fear and prejudice stems from the unknown.

Thanks for looking!